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Quill Liner - Demo Video

Click below to watch Arlene demonstrate her "Magic Brush" - the #3 Quill Liner! Try a perfect Quill Liner today. Purchase your Quill Liners HERE!

Instructional Book Special!
"Crowns of Celebration"

A fun instructional book with four different door crowns to paint! Get 25% Off, just enter code SAVE25 at checkout! CLICK HERE!

Got Supplies?  Try our Paints, Brushes & Mediums!

We offer a quality line of Global Art Brushes and Heritage Mutimedia Paints which help the artist use them as an acrylic, mix them into a watercolor or use them like an oil paint! Purchase your supplies HERE!



Our "All-New" step by step ePackets are written and filmed for beginner and intermediate painters. They feature our Multimedia paints in acrylics, oil techniques and watercolor designs to help guide you through each process of the design!

Arlene's new variety of videos include both "Downloadable" and DVD versions for you. She has created a "My First Painting" series for new and intermediate painters and a Direct Painting Series which is a "Simple & Easy" method to accomplish the old master's techniques!

Please visit our wonderful new art gallery featuring many different styles and varieties of paintings.  Arlene has painted many original works of art and has put together a colorful display of artwork to add to your collection or to give to a friend!